About Us

Our true vintage & reclaimed clothing range are the cream of the crop from Europe, America & from right here in Australia. We're a Gold Coast based vintage clothing store that specialise in colours, patterns and styles. We hand pick each item assuring you your vintage or reclaimed piece are of the best quality & condition. With our online vintage store range growing week by week with new styles, products and to offer you something different that you might not find anywhere else. If we dont have what your after, let us know so we can see if we can source it for you. 

Styles available:

  • Vintage denim jackets from 70's, 80's & 90's.
  • Leather jackets styles: Motorcycle, punk, rock & casual wear.
  • Genuine leather hand bags
  • Retro party shirts for men and women. In our vintage range in the button tops we have long and short sleeve. we even cut and alter our tops for special one off style crop tops.
  • True vintage Harley Davidson, Bands & Animal t-shirts
  • Vintage dresses short and long.
  • Blast from the past accessories, bits and bobs, records & home decor.
  • We can also custom art your RDV vintage denim jacket or bring in one of your own. Email us with ideas that float in your mind and let us make it come into your own wearable artwork. Not to sure what you would like, well pick from our already available vest and jackets.